Welcome to Lady Golden Photography! 

Here's a little bit about me and what to expect at your shoot!


Photography has been my passion since I was a little girl! 

Photography has always been more than a hobby to me since my Father placed his camera in my hands at the age of 8! It went from a hobby to a passion, more like a craving when I was in 6th grade. I always had a camera in my hands, taking photos of friends, events and the world as I saw it in my eyes for a while now. I can find beauty in everything!

I have been a photographer for over 25 years and I truly enjoy capturing special moments, moments that will last a lifetime, moments that last longer than memory.

I made Lady Golden Photography an official business in 1992 during my Freshman year in HS; I'd capture my friends graduating and accepting their diplomas as they walked across the stage. I also captured family events, reunions and friends parties until 1998, when I started branching out. In 1999,  I had the pleasure of capturing a friend, I did a athletic shoot with a point and shoot film camera. In 2002 my mom realized that my passion for photography had grown into a business and chose a DSLR as her retirement gift, investing in me and my vision!

Your Photo Shoot:

What to expect and how to prepare!

I offer a very relaxed atmosphere no matter where the shoot takes place. Many say I put them at ease, cracking a joke here or there to break the tension and help you relax, I must admit that I am a bit of a clown. I am very friendly and down to earth.

 I offer on location, and studio sessions!  Your shoot can involve whatever/whomever you want photographed. Whatever you choose, in studio, me meeting you somewhere, me coming to you or several locations for your shoot, I will be prepared to make sure everything is smooth. If you have pose ideas or want something similar to something you saw, bring that idea with you and we’ll tweak it to make it your own!

Not sure of what to wear? I can give suggestions based on the information you give me and how you’d like your session to be.Please make sure your outfits are free of wrinkles!

Have little kids? Be sure to bring a snack and something to occupy them if the session has multiple ideas.

Taking family photos? Let your outfits bring out your families personality as a whole. Let everyone where their favorite colors, make it fun! We can also do a few photos that are silly to keep the kids attention!

I offer sessions for every age and every occasion:

·         Newborns – Birth Announcement, milestone

·         Infants – Monthly milestone, first steps

·         Toddlers – Birthday, School

·         Kids – Birthday, Grad, updates, holiday, school

·         Teens – Senior, Grad, Sweet 16, Quince Era, Prom, Cotillion, modeling, updates, holiday, Birthday, school

·         Adults – Business, Boudoir, head shots, models, Grads

·         Events - Reunions, Weddings, Birthday, Graduation, Party, Office Party, Promotions

·         Pets - They are just as much a part of the family, so why not add them to the shoot?! 

·         Family – Special Occasions, Expanding the family, holiday

The list goes on, these are just a few of the sessions I offer, if you have any questions about a shoot feel free to contact me!