My Portfolio

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I thoroughly enjoy photographing Weddings, it is one of my favorite events to photograph! It's that time when I capture a wide range of emotions as well as a new beginning between two people, as they merge their families and lives together to become one!

The nervousness of both the Bride and Groom. The anticipation on the Bride's face as she's walking down the aisle to her waiting Groom. The way the Grooms' face lights up when he sees his lovely Bride in her gown for the first time. The relief as he takes her hand to stand at the alter, knowing that he's made the right choice!

This becomes a new chapter for all that are involved! I guess you can say that I enjoy capturing Love!

In My leisure time I capture what I can of nature!

A bird taking a bird bath. Flowers, butterflies, a blooming tree, ants or bees collecting food and supplies to survive and pollinate!  Some of the things I capture I can see framed and displayed. Some scenes are so relaxing and tranquil! Reflections,  shadows, waves, sunrises, sunsets. I try to capture it all.

Things that some can't see and others take for granted!

Capturing  the Bride and Groom as they are getting ready to make their way down the aisle is a great way to help with last minute jitters! I want to capture every step of your "big day"!

"New Life within"

Though you the "Mommy to be" may tell me that she does not feel pretty, or feel overwhelmed. I do my best to capture how beautiful she is! A "New Mommy" has a glow about her and I make sure it shows in my photos.

It's best to bring something that you plan on your baby wearing, I enjoy incorporating those items and props into your shoot! Photographing a couple or a growing family is a joy as well!

The "New Mommy Again" with her kids and a new life. The kids are involved in the photo, means they are involved in what's coming! Happy to be a Big Brother or Big Sister brings out the best expressions when you are talking about that new life to come!

Babies, kids and teens are so fun to shoot! Some you have to capture in their own element to get their best and some coming into my studio and pose naturally!

Different facial expressions, attitudes, outfit changes they are the best! Sleeping newborns, toddlers learning new things and exploring what's going on around them. Teens growing up and making their own choices!

Different milestones; Children's parties,  Sweet 16 and Quinceneras.

I also enjoy Senior (HS and College) photos, a time when parents are proud, happy and sad all at the same time because their baby is all "grown up" and the soon to be graduate is excited for High School/College to be over as they take their next step.

I have the pleasure of working with Models, Friends and different Businesses. Models; I can help you with your portfolio. A photo for your business card or website.

You can schedule a session for photos to use for any personals site, or just because you felt like taking photos!

I have a studio, or will gladly meet you on location, where ever you are comfortable. The beach, the park, your office, your house or my studio!  Portfolios can be for any age as well as a model session.